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    Sujet: Connection Error

yrsutant 01/23/2019 02:21


I\'ve got this \'connection error\' message every 2 or 3 turns on dungeon and got logged out from DT. Please anybody can tell me what\'s wrong and how to fix it.

For now, i can barely proceed to next dungeon without relogin again and again. so It\'s impossible to continue playing DT at this moment.
Brat-ly 01/23/2019 10:02

3 possible answers . 1 : Your provider is having connection trouble , if the connection breaks you have to log back in again . 2 : some newer versions of Firefox and Opera got got auto proxy that can not be disabled . If the connection speed slows to much down the browser turns on the Proxy and you get logged out . It turns of if the connection speed goes back up . This can only be fixed by trying another browser . I recommend Chrome due to I know it got no auto proxy in any of its versions . 3 : If you are using Proxy or VPN you get logged out peer auto . The use of Proxy changes the country detected by the page and page security react by logging you out . Check your connection here that address shows your connection type and there are also help to gain to change it and get rid of the problem .
Hasta la vista baby . I`ll be back !

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List of message - Summary
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