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1 - Buy your equipment

After you register your character he owns 500 gold pieces, at level 1 it's advised to buy health potion +1
to cure your wound, after at level 2 go buy a weapon at shop to give more damge at your assault.
Please note that you can sell your weapon at a lower cost if it breaks, you can also go repair it at the weapon shop.
Be careful with the potions, some one are faulty and don't work.

2 - To equip

After your purchases go to the page your equipment and arm your character with the weapon. To do this, click on the empty box weapon 1 and select your weapon. The 3rd weapon box can only contain a dagger. The potions and spells are automatically equip. Be careful when you visit a dungeon you can't modify your equipment.

3 - Find a Dungeon

After this, you can visit your first dungeon. For this go to the Tavern and enter the dungeon you find. Please

note that you have only one dungeon per day to visit.

4 - To cure

In the dungeon you meet some monsters, if they hurt you, you can cure yourself by clicking on a health potion.
If you don't have anymore, you can always exit the dungeon to go buy some and come back after. Once you have recieved
six wounds you lose one life ! You have only 3 lives per day.

5 - Raise the skill of your character

After each monsters you kill, you gain some experience, this allow you to raise your characters level. Each level allow you to distribute some point on the page My Character. Please note that magic skill are available only once you reach the level ten. So don't buy spells before this level because you cannot use them. Skill ruse allow you to dodge
more easily your opponents, and to catch them you have a net,so you can sell them.
At your inscription you already have one point to distribute.

6 - Exit a dungeon

When you found all the treasures in the dungeon, you must go to the entrance to exit. If you want to visit another dungeon or buy another more things you must exit of the dungeon before. Please note all the dungeons you exit can be revisited at all the times during the adventure on the page My Character.

7 - End of the adventure

On the last day of each month, the adventure willfinish, and your gold pieces are converted in US dollars.
Ot the first day of the following month, a new adventure begins. All the priviledges, levels, objects, and
dungeons left are reset to zero. Just the star points you have left are preserved.

More informations ? Come to read the FAQ....just click here.

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