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Welcome to Dungeons & Treasures ! The adventure game where players win money and gifts !

Players online : 6 Last 24h enroll : 9 Total players : 180724

- Win gold by finding chests in the dungeons and by playing different games on the site.
- Each month the characters are reset to zero and the winning golds is converted into virtual DT$.
- When you reach a minimum of 5 DT Dollars you can request a payment in real Euro. (DT$1 = €0,70)
- Win more gold and cash with the bonus games : Jackpot, Treasure Hunt, Jousts, Contest Quest and others...

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After almost 2 months the site is finally opening!

The OVH datacentre having burnt down, and many backups could not be restored. I had to recreate the game data, re-translate some information from the French site ...
The site pages have been modified to be compatible with the new server.

Some sections may still have bugs, please post them on the forum.

Referrals, gold coins, star points, DT$, rank, privilege chests, codes, have not been lost.

- You keep your rank for May and 55 privilege chests have been given.
- 60 dungeons have been given to all.
- 2 bonus star points have been added for those who played in March.
- Fidelity points have been reissued over the last 3 months.

- Added quests to the castle
- Modified monster sale system
- The Big Star Treasure Hunt added

- Clicks contest
- Success
- Top DT Codes
- Bonus games

Travel through the corridors of dungeons, fight evil creatures and recover hidden treasures...

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