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My first payment 2016 thanks!!! palata802/01/2016 07:00
A new payment thanks!! palata201/24/2016 21:51
My first payment in december!! palataNot any12/08/2015 19:17
Thanks for my payment november! palataNot any12/04/2015 19:40
My payment XtrailNot any11/07/2015 16:18
My New Payment DiamondzNot any11/06/2015 19:30
Another payment,thanks!! palataNot any10/10/2015 07:49
My 7th Payment - Thanks xopea2000410/08/2015 00:12
My 8th payment xopea2000Not any10/08/2015 00:10
Thanks Ludineo!! palata109/30/2015 15:06
How long does it takes to receive my 1st payment? dfrzNot any09/19/2015 08:19
Thanks! blanksy209/09/2015 10:45
Last payment in august,thanks!! palataNot any09/02/2015 04:48
My last payment,thanks palataNot any08/04/2015 17:02
One more payment thanks! palataNot any07/30/2015 17:02
Thanks for a new payment Ludineo!! palataNot any07/08/2015 18:03
Yet another payment,thanks!!!! palataNot any06/22/2015 18:30
My 4th Pay!! Thanks !! kotharNot any06/15/2015 18:44
1 platba excharlieNot any06/11/2015 19:52
My payment proof viioNot any06/09/2015 21:25
Instant less 1x24 hour freezaNot any06/07/2015 09:51
Thanks for another payment nearly instant!!! palata206/07/2015 09:35
Almost instant! bozicsoNot any04/14/2015 18:32
Thanks for another payment! palata104/10/2015 18:14
My 1st Payment Diamondz303/05/2015 18:03
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