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    Sujet: Bow & Balloons \ Bow & Castles - [ loss of internet connection troubleshoot ]

Shraboni 05/07/2017 14:04 modify the 05/07/2017 20:58


The Bows and Castles Slow down issue is happening consistently for me.

1. I tried on both Google Chrome and Firefox.
2. I have tried on both 5 mbps broad band and 4G LTE high speed internet connection.
3. I have cleared cache and cookies.
4. I have tried different times of the day.
5. I tried restarting my computer.

When I start the game it seems fine. But it becomes slower gradually until the soldiers are just crawling by and my bow is also not responding or responding very very to my mouse drag.

Please Help
1Elohim1 05/07/2017 22:51

See ? that what the job of carmton888\'s bugs done.
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checkmon 08/11/2017 16:39


I think it may be because it\'s a heavy workload to the computer processor. At the start of the game, there aren\'t many variables on the screen, but there will be a lot more afterwards.

I get the same problem when my CPU is running at 100\%, especially. It helps to have fewer programs running in the background while playing.
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raven500 11/03/2017 01:32

I cant play bow and balloons its been 3 days already it says I cant play the game today. could anyone tell me why? pls help!!!!
fryan 10/07/2018 15:09

Answer = You\'re Bad Luck !!! So am I
Will Power 10/07/2018 16:27
@fryan: the 1st Bow & Balloons contest ended yesterday, of course you can\'t play it today. But you can play Bow & Castles now.
JihadBagas13 11/23/2020 13:35

Excuse me. While i played tonight\'s game of Bow &7 Balloons, My Computers Freezes for a while and the Flash Player Vanishe. I reloaded the Firefox and The Flash Player returned to normal. As i Reloaded it in the middle of the game, i lose one games and i only get 147 points. Can i ask one more game, please?
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