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    Sujet: Bug king's collections and flowers ?

Bijou 05/29/2021 07:32

today, there are no items or flowers in the dungeons (5 dungeons done)
checkmon 05/30/2021 12:54

Possibilities are that in:

1) Castle of the King, you reached the maximum of 400 items collected.

2) The Flowers of Good, you only played dungeons not being opened as first of the day in Tavern, including, but not limited to dungeons in the Dungeons Market.
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Brat-ly 05/30/2021 14:30

He is correct . Since pop up was put back on objects and flowers vanished . To note . the monkeys appear and can be collected both on main page and in pop up now . And wile fixing it please change the reset of monkeys , flowers and objects to English site time , they are performing daily reset at French site time at the moment .
Hasta la vista baby . I`ll be back !
checkmon 07/01/2021 14:27

Castle of the King and The Flowers of Good is not working for me in this new contest.

I went thru a whole dungeon on main page as a test, and nothing but monkeys. (Same as in PopUp.)
DT is the best adventure game that you get paid to play.
checkmon 07/10/2021 18:30


Until now, I have only found 1 Object and about 3 Flowers. There is obviously something wrong.

I have also noticed that characters high on the list for these contests also usually rank high in Castle (Lvl 100) and on Top Players list. Thise charachters would naturally have lots of dungeons.

(I got 16 extra dungeons in Tavern, and opened 14 of them. It seems as tough the gems are hidden here, this contest.)
DT is the best adventure game that you get paid to play.

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