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You found here a list of questions/answers to allow to guide you in the game.

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The Sponsoring

- Where I can find my sponsor link ?
On page "sponsoring" you find the link and the banner to promote.

- Can I sponsor a familly member ?
Yes, but the point of sponsoring don't add up if the connection is done on the same IP adress in the same 24 hours.

- Can I have or change my godfather ?
You can't change your godfather. You can cancel you accout and create a new one with the link of your new godfather. If your link doesn't work you must contact (the same day) the webmaster so he can fix it.

- I gave my sponsor link but I dont have referral ?
If the link you have doesn't work please leave a message to DT Team with the name of godfather and the name of your referral and he can modify the situation.

- Where and when Ido the earning of referrals show?
On page the "My Referrals", and the stats are in real mode.

- Why don't my point of sponsoring match with the balance of my referral ?
Some games in D&T don't work for point of sponsoring. Like the joust, the sale of weapons at the shop, the bonus of contest and the fidelity point given at the begin of the month for the codes validated.
The points are not counted if the referral uses the same adress ip as you in the last 24 hours.




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