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You found here a list of questions/answers to allow to guide you in the game.

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My Equipment

- How can i use a weapon ?
Go to My equipment page and click in the box "weapon" at the right, if you have some weapon, you can see them and just click on the one you want.

- How can I choose a 3rd weapon ?
The only 3rd weapon you can select is a dagger. If you don't possess a dagger you can't have a 3rd weapon.

- What can I do if my equipment resets to zero at the end of the adventure ?
At the end of each adventure, all of thing (except star point) reset to zero, you must sell all of your equipment before the adventure ends.

- How can I compare a weapon or a armour before I buy it ?
The +xx of weapon and armour show the power of them. More the number are high, the more higher the wounds on the monsters. For the strength of the weapon, this is unknow when you buy it. So you can't compare it.

- How can I know the strength of a weapon ?
You must use it ten times to test it to know is strength. After this, you just have to pass your mouse on the weapon to know the strength.

- How can I sell a weapon or an armour ?
Go to the weapon shop and click on "estimate". After validate the sale if the prices are appropriate.

- How can I repair a broken weapon ?
Go to the weapon shop and the option repair is at the end of the list of weapons.

- How can I go to shop ? he said that impossible !
You can't go to the shop if you are in dungeon. So exit the dungeon before you go to the shop.

- Why the reparation of my broken weapon are more expensive than yesterday ?
The manufacturer fixes price in accordance to his mood, than the prices can vary simple to double for repairs or to buy weapons. You must choose when you buy or sell something, you can make some good bargin.

- What is the utility of the net ?
It is to capture monsters, first of all buy a net at the weapon shop and place it in "my equipment" in the "miscallenous" box. Only after this a new option is possible when you meet a monster "Capture"




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