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You found here a list of questions/answers to allow to guide you in the game.

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- What is a skill point ?
You have skill points after you raise a level, until the level 10 each level gives you 3 skill points after level 10 you get 6 skill points.
Attack, defense, raise the power of your attack and defense. Ruse allow to catch more easily a monster. Stamina, can't be modified. The attack points in magic allows you to raise the power of a magic spell used and the defense points in magic allows you to reduce the damage by magic done by the monsters against you.

- How can i get a potion ?
You can pick up some in the dungeon, or you can buy some at the magic shop.

- What is a health potion ?
Is to cure a wound inflicted by a monster : the +1 health cures 1 wound, the +5 health cures 5 wounds. This is an instant effect.

- What is a training potion ?
This helps to grow your experience points faster that you gain by slaining a monster. The potions last only for 1 hour.

- What is an attack or defense potion ?
This is to raise your attack or defense against monsters. The potion lasts for 1 hour.

- What is a fire, grown, water ou air potion ?
This is to raise the power of a spell against monsters. The potion lasts for 1 hour.

- When can i use magic ?
You must at least put 1 point in the magic attribute.

- I used a potion and it disappearedfrom my inventory but it wrote that it dont have any effect ?
Sometimes the magicien makes some potions and goes to the tavern where he has too much beer, then he might use ingredients that arn't good or finds a potion that he had hidden in the back of his cupboard, which are potions that have no effect. In that case you must use another one.

- How can i sell the magic potion pick up in the dungeon ?
You can sell the potion at the user market at the price you want.




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