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You found here a list of questions/answers to allow to guide you in the game.

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The Dungeons

- Where do I find a dungeon ?
Go to the Tavern and click "Find a Dungeon", a new dungeon will open.

- How do you know the level of a dungeon before to go in ?
The level of a dungeon is the same as the level of your character. It's in the upper left box.

- How do you know the design of a dungeon before to go in ?
The name and the design of a dungeon is totaly random, we can't know something before we explore it.

- How do you know when a dungeon is finished ?
By clicking on the small map button on the right. The map will show up and you just look if the entrance of the dungeon is bordred in black. If you see a spot who are not bordred in black it's a place you must visit.

- Where do you find the exit of a dungeon ?
The exit of the dungeon is at the same place as the entrance, you have two choices, the first one is you follow the path to the entry, or you click on back to the entrance button on the left of the dungeon window.

- How to pick up a weapon in a dungeon ?
By clicking on it, you have two choices between put it on your backpack or replace a weapon that you have on hand.

- What are the keys found in the dungeon ?
There are two types of keys in the dungeon : the first one is to open the doors in the dungeon and the second is for the chest room (wood, iron, silver and gold) and it opens a chest with gold piece.

- How to open a closed door in the dungeon ?
You must search for the key in the dungeon, some keys can hidden behind monsters...

- How to catch a monster ?
First of all before catching a monsterytou need to buy a net at the weapon shop, and you must equip it on the page my equipment in box miscellanous. After this when you meet a monster, a new option appears "catch" (note that a weak monster is eaiser to catch).

- Where I can find the monsters that I catch ?
At the shop and "monster market".

- How much can I sell a monster for ?
The price of a monster depends on the kind, level, and the days of the sale : some monsters at level 100 and sold at begining of the adventure can be worth more than a level 20 sold at the end of the adventure.....

- What is the level 100 ?
It is the highest level of the game, at this level the monsters killed don't give experience but some gold (but you are better to catch them then kill him), and the dungeons give more gold.

- How i can reach level 100 ?
By using experience potion +2 (to grow faster) and exchange your star points for more dungeons at the bonus page.

- What I can do if I loose all my lives in a day ?
If you have loose all your 3 lives, you must wait for the next day or you can exchange star points for lives at the bonus page.

- How can I return to a dungeon ?
If you didn't exit a dungeon, it's name will appear under the personal information box at upper left. If you already exited the dungeon, you must go to the page "my character" and click on "go" after the name of the dungeon.




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