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You found here a list of questions/answers to allow to guide you in the game.

For a good start
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For a good start

- What is the first thing to do ?
First of all, read the first step page!

- When does the adventure start and finish ?
The adventures lasts one month. Since the adventure begins the first day of each month at midnight and
finishes the last day of each month after midnight. A meter is accessible at the top of the site.

- What is the XP left under my nick name ?
It's the experience points that you may obtain before you access the next level.

- How i can have an avatar ?
You must go on My account and Edit My Profil, and write the emplacement
of the avatar of your choice or simply click on parcourir if the pics are on your hard drive, and after
save the modification (jpeg format).

- How win money on D&T ?
The site has several tricks to win money : dungeons, contests, bonus games, temple, sponsoring, weapon sale, chests for your rank...



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