Welcome on Dungeons & Treasures ! The adventure game that wins money and gifts for their players !

- Win gold by finding chests in the dungeons and by playing different games on the site.
- Each month the characters are reset to zero and the winning golds is converted into virtual DT$.
- When you reach a minimum of 5 DT Dollars you can request a payment in real Euro. (DT$1 = €0,70)
- Win more gold and cash with the bonus games : Jackpot, Treasure Hunt, Jousts, Contest Quest and others...

Sponsoring your friends and win until +40% (5% to +40%) of their earnings, until +20% (0% to +20%) of their earnings referral and +14% (0% to +14%) in their under referral.

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Travel throught the corridors of the dungeons, fight evil creature and recover hidden tresors...


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